What’s Holding VR Back

The hottest new thing in the world of technology is virtual reality. All of the major companies are dabbling in it. These include Sony, Google, Samsung, Microsoft, and even companies such as Facebook are trying their hand at incorporating virtual reality technology to attract more customers.

Each of these companies is currently working on releasing or already has a virtual reality headset available on the market to be purchased. Even though companies are making a lot of effort to get virtual reality a pass into mainstream technology, not many households are owners of a headset yet.

VR Headset Costs Are Still a Factor

There just is not enough being done to advertise and market them out in the world to get average people to want to buy them. There needs to be enough pros and features to justify the cost for the average working human to spend their paycheck on it.

Each of the headsets that are presently available on the market is impressive to say the least. Virtual reality is a major leap for the technology industry. One problem is that a lot of people just do not have the time to sit and immerse themselves for hours in a virtual world.

Hard to Reach a Broader Audience

When you think about people who work full time, have kids, or are in school, there has to be more available options for entertainment when using a virtual reality headset so that regular people can enjoy using them.

There is no lack of interesting content for virtual reality. However, between the amount of video games and adult entertainment available for users, it just is not quite enough to justify spending approximately 100 to 500 dollars per VR headset. And many people need a justifiable reason for spending that kind of cash on something that is simply for pure entertainment.

In Time Maybe More VR Variety Will Emerge

There needs to be enough content to appeal to all different people. Some people like video games, some people like pornography, some like both, and then there are the people who do not care for either and there lies the problem. Also, a new competitor has emerged, Augmented Reality.

There needs to be content for the people who just are not intrigued by pornography and gaming so that they have a reason to want to try out virtual reality as well. The industry certainly seems to be on the right track, they just need to get more content available to the masses once the medium has been felt out.

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