What is the importance of technology in modern life?

Technology responds to them who have the desire and the will to transform their environment, transform the world around them looking for new and better ways to satisfy their needs. The motivation is the satisfaction of needs or desires. May be the link between human desire and their motivation to innovation is known as technology. Thanks to it we have multiple systems that allow us to communicate, move, dress, feed or make new objects. Another example of technology in our daily life is free background check. With this technology you can know any details of the unknown number “by simply put the number into the software”, which has been calling you with no reason.

Relationship between Science and Technology

It is quite common to confuse technology with applied science, defining technology as something subordinate to scientific activity. However, it is one of the most widespread topics about the nature of technological activity. The motivation, activity and products of science and technology are different. The motivation of science responds to the desire of people to know and rationally understand the world around us and related phenomena, the activity is research and the resulting product is scientific knowledge.

Technology is of great importance throughout the world, because its advances have made the whole society benefit from it. Technological advances have made the work of man easier thanks to the development of machinery that covers much of the work that only the operator could previously do. Every day technology takes hold with greater fluency in the world, making us know daily new projects for the benefit of humanity. Whenever it comes to technology, we think of bigger inventions. But, we never think of every day benefits. In a simple word, from an automatic toothbrush to planet exploration – all are part of technology.

The field of technology is broad

In addition, it can be said that science also uses technology, as it is necessary to advance research. Technological development is not possible without the advance in scientific knowledge, nor is it possible to do science without the contribution of the necessary equipment and systems for research. The relationship, therefore, is not of subordination, but of complementarily. May be you don’t know but technology and science both are linked with an independent relationship. But the activities linked to one another are substantially different and complementary to each other.

Linked to the great needs of humanity, can you tell us one such field where technology is absent? The technology serves to solve in a more effective, fast and efficient way some of the problems that are presented every day in the life of the human being.


So, the thing is, technology and science are related. You cannot separate them. Without technology there is no scientific research. And, without any scientific research there will be no invention which we can call – technology. The primary thing is – technology has changed our lives a lot. In addition, technology is, above all, linked to things, physical or virtual, that the human being does, to artificial things.

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