Understanding the Concept of Robotic Software

After acquiring a robot, it is very important to have the knowledge of how the robot operates and this includes the software functions that help it run efficiently. Robots are programmable machines capable of conducting both simple and complex series of tasks automatically and independently only when the right software is in place. This is because the modern robotic systems use microprocessors, which run through the software built in them enabling the robot to perform autonomous tasks.

Fortunately, Universal Robots has made automation much simpler by making robots that are easily programmable and safe to work with, namely collaborative robots or cobots. Although the robots are not complicated, gaining an in-depth knowledge on the important concepts of robotics software is essential; here are some of the most common aspects involved in cobots from Universal Robots.

  • Safety functions

Universal Robots have revolutionized the industrial robotics world by designing the robots with a unique safety functions. The software that achieves this is in-built in the collaborative robot thereby enabling the robot to minimize negative impacts. It is able to measure a zone unto which it registers as a safety zone. There are two types of zones, the fixed and variable safety zone.

  • The fixed safety zone

The fixed safety zone allows the cobot to minimize its working speed when it is specific zones programmed to do so. One programs it by setting the location and desired speed it will operate in for it to reduce the chances of an impact.

  • Variable safety zone

The cobots are fitted with a vision system that monitors the environment surrounding the robot. The operator then sets the various zones and speed to be associated with each zone.

When a human worker approaches the zone the collaborative robot starts to slow down, as the persons’ keeps coming closer the robot’s speed continues to drop where it may stop when if the human reaches the closest possible zone. When the person exits the zone the robot then goes back to its original speed.

These two safety zone features of the cobot are very helpful since they maintain employees’ safety in a work station without sacrificing productivity. It also saves the firm resources that would have been spent in constructing a safety zone or a cage as it was with the traditional robots.  

  • Robot Simulation Software

Robotic simulation software is useful in creating a virtual model design that replicates real-world process in the real world robotic applications as accurately as possible taking into account all the environmental and physical factors.

This is by using the 3D modeling and rendering process from a made up environment that resembles the actual environment of the robot. After the model is set up, testing of all the variables is complete, the model is ready for cycling through to present all the applications needed. A comprehensive simulation has the programing code to be installed in the actual robot.

Robot simulation has several benefits such as reduced cost of integrating the robots by eliminating the need for adjusting the system after installations and a higher quality of the robot’s system by shortening the system delivery times in offline programing.

  • Hand Guiding Feature

Universal Robots have also incorporated a very interesting software in the collaborate robots which enables people to guide a cobot for the purpose of programming and setting the paths they want it to follow.

The software makes the robot enter a zero gravity level of movement enabling the operator freely move the robot without the risk of inflicting injury. This makes programming of the cobot very easy and safe. After one is through with the hand guidance process, you press a button on its interface and the cobot’ proceeds to conduct the task given.


Collaborative robots continue to open up new opportunities to automate various operations the reason why Universal Robots ensures the cobots are designed in the latest technology to provide better and better solutions to customers.

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