The Dangers of Blue Whale Challenge and the Prevention

Blue whale challenge is not an ordinary challenge for teenagers to have fun in their spare times. This challenge is actually a suicide game. Here are some informations about blue whale challenge.

What is Blue Whale Challenge?

Blue whale challenge is a self-harm challenge. The players will get a daily duty from anonym curator or anonym master for 50 days. They attract teenagers with unstable emotion by using specific hashtag in social media. The duty given starts from some things which are able to influence physic condition. Such as watching horror movies in unusual hours, listening to songs with depressing lyrics, reading messages that underestimate life, or not talking to anyone.

Every day, the duty given will be harder and starts to physically harm the players. Such as drawing the picture of whale by using knife. In the end, the players are told to suicide tragically, for example, jumping from high building. That is why the challenge is named as blue whale challenge. It is believed that the stranded whales on the beach are deliberately pull over to the mainland in order to commit suicide. From the explanation above, it is clear that this kind of challenge is really dangerous.

Who is the Inventor of Blue Whale Challenge?

It is found that a guy named Flipp Budeykin who creates this deathly challenge. He already arrested by the authorities in Russia. It is also found that Flipp Budeykin is a patient of a hospital in St. Petersburg because he suffers from Bipolar Disorder. He already had the disease since he was a child. He is not happy with his life which is filled with failures and violences. That is the reason why he creates this dangerous challenge.

The Prevention of Blue Whale Challenge

The target of blue whale challenge is the teenagers with unstable emotions, teenagers who experience broken home condition, desperate, and depressed. So that they are easy to get affected and influenced. Those teenagers are suggested to talk to their parents or closed ones if they have problems. Or they are even able to get some helps from psychologist to resolve their problems.

As parents, it will be better if you always shows your love and affection towards your children. Some parents do not show their loves and affections, so that their children do not know whether they are loved or not. Say to your children that you love them, hug them, say that you are always there for them. So that your children do not doubt to tell their problems to you. When they tell their problems, do not judge them. It will only make them feel down. You just have to listen to them and support them. Give your children solutions to their problems if only they ask for it.You also need to monitor your children’s smartphone. You are able to use Flexispy or mspy application. This spyware application allows you to spy your children’s messages, photos, social medias, chats, and many more. Since blue whale challenge order the players to documenting their duties, Flexispy will be really useful for this case.

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