Thalassemia minor crowdfunding

Did you know that over 1 lakh thalassemia patients in India die before the age of 20 years, due to unavailability of medical treatment? India has been called the thalassemia capital of the world, with over 40 million carriers (people with the genetic disorder). On May 8th today, we at Impact Guru would like to bring to the attention of everyone that online fundraising on our crowdfunding India website is available for all thalassemia patients to raise money for medical treatment.

Before we get into the potential of a crowdfunding India in improving the lives of sufferers, let’s first understand what exactly this disease entails.

What is thalassemia?

Thalassemia is a rare genetic blood disorder causes an abnormality in hemoglobin, which is the protein molecule responsible for carrying oxygen in the blood. Thalassemia causes excessive destruction of the red blood cells, leading to anemia. This is a genetic condition that can only be inherited if one of the parents has the genetic disorder as well.

With regards to treatment of thalassemia,  there are several temporary and permanent option out there – blood transfusions, bone marrow transplant, and spleen or gallbladder removal. These are the more serious treatment. Besides these of course, a patient would have to be on constant medication and supplementation programs. Needless to say that all the methods discussed above are extremely expensive, often times leaving sufferers and families no option but to forego treatment. As a result, people are losing their lives.

Through a simple method of raising money online for unaffordable medical treatment, we at Impact Guru have been able to help many families with financial difficulties. Our aim is to reach out to individuals and families with thalassemia, and make this fundraising option available to them too. So below we’ve noted a few aspects by which you, as a campaign can help thalassemia patients, by raising money on our crowdfunding India platform.

  1. Fund blood transfusions, medication & supplements, and other related treatment for one or more sufferer.
  2. Raise money for a bone marrow transplant of a sufferer you may know, which is a more permanent treatment for patients.
  3. Ensuring prenatal diagnosis in areas that do not have access to such facilities in a huge step in controlling and prevention of thalassemia.
  4. Education and awareness amongst patients and their families, regarding eating habits and medical tests, may help prevent the disease.
  5. Raise money to build special care centres for thalassemia patients in different region of India that has the highest incidence of this disease.

While sufficient treatment and care option exist for thalassemia patients, the expenses involved is the biggest challenge. Crowdfunding is the quickest and easiest solution for such families. If you or anyone you know could use financial help to fight thalassemia, raise money on Impact Guru, today.

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