Quiet on the set! Take One!

The boom in digital photography has given way to a worldwide army of amateur and hobby photographers who are thirsty for new advancements. Even the professional photographers are champing at the bit waiting for that wondrous new product to hit the shelves. 
However, few have imagined that sound reproduction technology could cross a new threshold into what is being called “3D Audio”, or “Binaural Audio“. 

The world of Digital photography has merged with digital video recording which includes audio, and the technology is astonishing. That the brilliant innovators in the digital realm have focused on audio reproduction and recording is amazing. Not many really thought that audio could get better, but those who did raised the bar and here we are. 

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The top producers in the digital audio world are providing avenues of pursuit for the photographer into video. The Digital Single Lens Reflex, or ‘DSLR‘ camera has leaped into the video world, and audio has come along with it. The evolution of audio has put professional level recording into the hands of the average hobbyist and amateur photographer and everyone is excited. 

These new recording techniques are very good and the availability of it to the masses is widespread and business is booming. The age old stereo method has finally given way to the new and the digital revolution marches on. 

The evolution of the DSLR Camera into video has given rise to an array of attachments and add on equipment specifically designed for recording video and the most important component of video recording is the DSLR Microphone. After all, who wants to watch silent movies these days? The cutting-edge design of the DSLR 3D audio microphone has set a new standard. Binaural audio recording is fast becoming the norm and the best designed products always leave the competition behind. it’s the nature of the beast. 

Binaural audio is not a new technology itself, but it has always been out of the reach of the average person. Only industry professionals with expensive equipment could utilize the technology of 3D audio recording. But now that electronics advancements have caught up, this high-level method of recording sound is now readily available to the masses and nothing beats it. 

A convergence of sorts has occurred with different things merging and creating multi use devices, and the Digital Camera is no exception. High quality video with professional level audio recording is now available to everyone and the sky is the limit. What could possibly come next? 
If you have the right tools, your artistic expression knows no bounds. This has ever been the case. The natural creative soul often had no access to the very tools that they needed to create their art. That gap is shrinking and now the average person blessed with same creative soul as the professional has the same tools to create with. 
The world is growing for everyone and the electronics artists too are of the creative mind. Thankfully they share with the world.

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