How to perfectly engrave designs in the woods

Making designs in wood has never as easier as it is now today. In the past, only the experienced professionals used to engrave in woods to make classic and modern designs. With the help of modern technology people now have the freedom to engrave amazing designs on wood. You can even sell this art piece in the market for a good price. But when it comes to laser engraving, you need to focus on some of the key facts which will help you to make perfect designs in the wood.

Use a mask

Masking is a very popular technique when it comes to laser engraving design. The extensive heat from the laser engraving head might cause excess burning of the wood when making some sharp designs. But this will never be a problem if you start using a mask. The professionals use masking tape since it’s extremely cheap and helps the designer to make an elegant design without having any major issues. If necessary, perform a test run to see its application when creating a premium design.

Consider the geometrical and vector shape

Depending on the complexity of your design, you must select the perfect thickness of wood. For instance, if you use the laser head to cut wood, make sure the thickness is appropriate to the design. Crafting a vector shape requires some skill and experience. To avoid unnecessary damage to the wood, it’s better to make a test design. Make sure you set the preset value of the laser engraver to the optimum level so that you can create a flawless design.

Use high-end laser engraver

Some of you might think buying a laser engraver head is extremely expensive. But due to the recent breakthrough of blue ray laser technology, Opt laser is now offering a CNC laser engraver kit at a very affordable price. The kit contains all the necessary materials needed to engrave into materials easily. If you want, you can also buy an adjustable mount for the laser engraver head. Read the manual carefully before you start making some delicate designs in the woods to avoid unnecessary hassle.

Try to engrave on a plain surface

Though laser technology can make a perfect design on the uneven surface at the initial stage you should be making a design on a plain surface. It will help you to create dazzling designs within a short period of time. Just load the image in the software and let the laser head do its work.

Work with the premium quality woods

People often think CNC laser engraver kit can make a design in any kind of woods. The statement is absolutely true but if you work with damp wood, chances are very high you will not be satisfied with the end result. Try to make a design in high-quality wood as the design will look more vibrant and elegant.

Laser engraving technology has changed the designing industry over recent years. If you know how to use a CNC laser engraver kit, you will never have to think about engraving designs.

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