How To Choose The Right Parking Security Camera?

Did you know that approximately ten percent of all crimes occur in big garages and parking lots? Indeed, commercial parking environments are a keen target for smart criminals looking for a quick score. Unfortunately, these environments are not easy to monitor through the traditional human intervention. It is fortunate, then, that we can implement a lot of security camera protocols.


When choosing a surveillance camera for a parking garage or parking lot, you should make sure to look into the device’s cyber security capabilities. It is important to know you are protected from backdoor vulnerabilities and other malware. It does not matter the size of your parking lot or garage, these risks are very real and, more importantly, very dangerous. PoE and wireless IP security cameras are both ideal for these situations but both can also be at risk. Thus, the right IP software security for these cameras will not only allow for remote viewing of your protected areas with both local and remote streaming options.

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The most popular high-resolution cameras range from 720p, 1080p, and 1440p. Indeed, these are the highest resolution you can find, and the higher the resolution, of course, the clearer the recorded video will be. You also have to keep in mind that higher resolution video uses more data and that uses more memory on the hard drive. As such, it is important to also consider your storage needs and capabilities when choosing the camera for your facility.


If 24-hour monitoring is important to you then you definitely want to find a camera that has night vision capabilities. Night vision monitoring is yet another way that technology is better than human abilities. It means you don’t have to install lots of lights to significantly brighten up the lot or garage but can still maintain high quality video surveillance.


You might think an unbranded camera is more affordable—after all, they do tend to have lower price tags—but their quality is often questionable.  If you want the best quality video surveillance at a good price, you definitely want to go with a brand like Hikvision that has a history of quality service and a name that you can definitely trust.  This ensures that you not only get the best product, but it also reduces you’re the potential for risks and vulnerabilities.

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