Gaming Laptops and Gadgets

In previous years, gaming laptops were actually pretty similar to every other “good” laptop on the market. They all had discrete graphics, Core processors, and 8GB of Ram memory storage, which when combined together, made “the best gaming laptop.”

Today, 2018 laptops have come a long way from what they were only 5-10 years ago. Gaming laptops today come in a wide variety of styles each with different features, but all equally powerful. Every gaming laptop and other gadgets have been tested, reviewed and ranked and are perfect computers for traditional gaming, work, and regular playing as well. Below you will find a few of the best gaming gadgets of 2018.

Gaming Laptops

There is a large arsenal of laptops that are geared specifically to meet the needs of amateur and professional online gamers. Every one of the laptops that are made today are great for both work and play, they all have great screen display and response time, but there is one gaming laptop that stands above the rest. The new and improved Razer Blade laptop comes in all the sizes and with all the accessories you need to take your game to the next level, literally. The Razer Blade laptop comes in two different colors, and thirteen, fifteen, and seventeen inches. The Razer blade 15 inch gaming laptop is the one that most professional gamers lean towards. The backlit keyboard, touchscreen, and Quad-core processor, and 16GB of memory make it the fastest, highest quality laptop on the market for all gamers!

Gaming Gadgets

When you are on the run and do not want to halt your games, you need a device that you can take with you wherever it is you go. Mobile devices are a great way to be able to carry your game with you and stay connected. For instance, the Razer phone is the dominating gaming device that has 120Hz worth of full potential. Using the Razer phone for gaming makes it a smoother gaming experience which is a crucial factor for any gamer, but especially professional gamer. They also have an extremely fast refreshing rate which is important for gamers, especially in the professional arena, so that they can refresh their games quickly and get back to playing as fast as technologically possible.

The Razer has the world’s first 120Hz screen for a mobile phone Since it is powered by UltraMotion technology which means it gives the gamers an accurate touch response without any zero lag or stutter, and beautiful motion for all your games. It also has Dolby ATMOS and stereo speakers that have their own amplifiers which gives you in-game audio from your phone. It is great surround sound by itself, but with the use of headphones it completely immerses you into your game. Thanks to the phone’s use of Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, you can play the most complex games without the dread of it lagging behind, which in turn fine-tunes your experience and maximizes your phone’s performance.

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