Fridge Hire Saves Lives

Perhaps your mind instantly thinks of food when fridge hire is mentioned. That’s logical. Refreshments vendors need fridges, from the milk for a cup of tea to the ingredients for a menu option.

However, there is another vital area in which fridge trailer hire is employed. In medicine, primarily to store medicines and to keep samples ready for examination.  

Numerous health trusts utilise fridge trailers to maximise their capacity for whatever the medical world may need from them.

Fridge rental can save lives. That’s a bold claim, you may think. Here’s how.

Medical research often includes reading data from samples, blood work and tissue examination. These samples must be kept in optimum condition to be studied. Within hours a patient’s sample could be rendered useless in warm temperatures. This obviously hampers treatment, may necessitate another sample to be taken and the delay in prognosis and treatment could lead to a life or death situation.

The fridge rental units have a great responsibility when they are placed in these environments and reputable modular cold room and fridge trailer hire providers appreciate this and maintain their cold rooms and fridge trailers professionally.

Expertmobile refrigeration companies (like Ice Cool Trailers) will strive to provide emergency facilities in the south of England and into South Wales and the Midlands whether it’s because additional capacity is required or the normal mains powered fridge has broken down.  

So, for this reason alone there’s a compelling argument that fridge hire can truly save and improve lives.

Medicine storage is vital to ensure that remedies are at their most effective and trials of newly manufactured medicines require storage of the drug, perhaps in a separate environment to the already sanctioned and controlled drugs under observation. As much as the medically and scientifically trained staff monitors the person being tested and their patients they examine how a drug performs and how to optimise its effectiveness and life span with accurate studies of temperature rise and fall implications.

Imagine an epidemic in which a particular influenza vaccine is required, it needs to be kept cool, so simply keeping it in a box in a shady space or a breezy corner is not viable.

It is unfeasible for a ward nurse to walk the length of the hospital to obtain medicine for a patient so wards are regularly fitted with fridge facilities and these are often not purchased outright but from a fridge rental firm who understands their needs.

Room temperature is not always the best temperature to work in if it compromises the study or treatment so fridge hire can quickly become an integral part of any care programme. GP’s offices through to hospital wards to research labs need professional fridge hire services.

In a busy medical centre or lab a lack of facilities could have far reaching ramifications. It can delay illness resolution and investigations so the availability of fridge rental at highly competitive rates is a perfect solution.

This YouTube video shows how easily a modular cold room can be assembled on-site for temporary (or even long-term) storage of medical supplies on a hospital site.

Professional fridge hire firms can willingly and efficiently assist with medical refrigeration. If you would like some mobile refrigeration advice, just give Ice Cool a call on 01635 250 950 and they’ll be pleased to assist you.

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