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It has become easier for the individuals to remain updated with every happening around the world by watching videos on internet. But every video is made in different file format which does not support every phone system. It is the reason why people prefer more to use various applications with the use of which they can easily play any audio or video file in their mobile phones with ease. K-Lite codec pack provides various format options like AVI, MP4, WMV, FLV, MKV, and more which is one of the trending applications but it only supports windows. For Mac, users it is a point of worry but they need not to do that as alternative to K-Lite codec pack for Mac is easily available using which you can stream any video format on your mobile screen easily. Listed below are some alternatives:

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Elmedia player: Elmedia Player, alternative to K-Lite codec pack for Mac is a free player which supports various audio and video formats like MP3, SWF, MOV, DAT, FLV, AVI and MP4. You can download such applications from play store of your cell phone and with its use you can easily watch any online videos directly from your application. This application offers individual options to customize the video settings according to their needs. With its pro edition user can easily download any online video.

Perain application for Mac: With use of such application, you can play the video in different media files like MKV, WMA, DiVX and FLV and more. It also offers support for SRT and SSA using which you can easily enjoy watching any movie in its original version. It also supports the audio files like AAC and MP3. Installation procedure of such application is easier and you need to go through any long procedure of viewing agreement. Once it is setup it operates automatically.

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