Can geofencing transform life for lawyers?

Food chains, telecom companies and other businesses have been profiting from geofencing since the inception of the technology. They have been attracting customers in their region using this cutting edge technology. As geofencing becomes more and more popular, various other professionals ask themselves a simple question: Can this technology also help prosper my career? One of the categories of professionals asking this question is lawyers. Even as many lawyers around the world earn astonishingly well owing to their experience and a few life-changing cases, most of them struggle to make their ends meet. Geofencing offers a huge promise for lawyers to strengthen their fading careers.

How can this happen?

One of the biggest advantages of advertising via geofencing is highly targeted advertising. Geofencing enables advertisers to target a particular geographic location and region which probably has a higher propensity of potential customers. This increases the effectiveness of the advertisement and hence increases the conversion rate. As for lawyers, they can use geofence to target areas where individuals requiring legal help can often be concentrated.

What locations should lawyers target?

One of the prime locations for lawyers to target would easily be police stations. Any individual or group of people visiting a police station will in most probabilities require legal assistance at some or the other point. The assistance required could be in form of getting just a bail or a bigger case requiring to fight out a case in the court. Imagine a common man hitting a police station in haste and gets stuck because of the absence of a lawyer. He probably doesn’t know a lawyer already and has no idea who to approach for the case. However, an ad pops up on his phone at that moment informing him about a specific lawyer and his contact details. He is more likely than not to dial that number and contact the lawyer immediately. He might have seen or heard about many other lawyers before but at that very instant, when he doesn’t remember any of them, advertising through geofencing can provide this particular lawyer with an advantage over others. Similarly, lawyers can target hospitals and insurance offices to target potential customers.

Is it really feasible?

Geofencing is neither rare nor expensive technology today. Advertising through digital advertising companies that use geofence might not be as high as you might think. Compared to other forms of advertisements, conversion rates will be high and overall this technology will only make it more economically feasible.

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