Bulk SMS Marketing Campaigns – Highest Conversion Rates For Business

Marketing through SMS still persists to be one of the ways that has proven to be effective in reaching customers. It is one of the tools that can be considered for marketing and promoting products and services. The main reason for it to be so powerful is that it gives instantaneous coverage to a lot of people irrespective of their locations. Bulk SMS sender in Singapore offers you the irresistible solution to all your issues in marketing. This is mainly because a study has come up with the facts that the open rate for text messages is as high as 98%. What is more impressive is the astounding rate of 36% click through the links.

While marketing through text message is highly lucrative, the best practices of the process ensures the conduct of smooth marketing campaigns that can add to the success of any business you want to promote. In this article we will be discussing the ways by which you can use Bulk SMS marketing to boost up your business.

Marketing through Bulk SMS – Finding the right tool

Most businesses depend on single channels for marketing to reach out their clients, as for example, SMS or E-mail. This is mainly because making investment for all the varied tools can be expensive. For this reason, investing up in a tool that deals in multi-channel streams like SMS, E-mail, voice and other ways can be really beneficial for the business marketing campaign. This can provide reduced costs for the operation during subscription to these multiple tools at one time.

Building up the list for SMS marketing

Marketing through SMS is quite different from that through e-mail. This is because e-mails can be sent to any user with the offer of a PDF file that can be downloaded through a lead magnet. But for the case of SMS marketing, the target contact in the list must have opted in to receive the messages of marketing sent by the operator. When someone is going to offer downloadable items in exchange of the mobile numbers that have been captured, then they need to confirm that the leads click and agree to receive messages related to marketing on their phone. Or the lead targets who are interested require subscribing to bulk SMS to receive the messages.

Personalizing and Timing the messages

Most of the bulk SMS sender in Singapore offers you the irresistible solution to such problems. Invoking the client name in the message is not the only way of personalization. The main reason for reduced responses from targets is the lack of relation to the content. It is crucial to keep in mind that you are targeting to send the message and what you should send. Timing to send the message can do a lot, as for example, the marketing campaign for a restaurant would work best just before the lunch hours. One can do a lot in these 160 character SMS with the inclusion of a proper call-to-action button. All these can be taken care of by the SMS service you choose.

Short and prompt messages can have a higher conversion rate. Make sure to include some contact info in case the 160 character bar falls short. When people know where to redeem the offer, they provoke more responses.

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