Best Sites for Building Online Resume Profiles and Social Pages

The creation of a perfect resume is no picnic. It is fortunate for us that there are a number of resources available online devoted to the creation of both traditional and social media CVs as well as several remarkable professional social sites. Keep in mind, a solid profile is definitely an advantageous marketing device to aid you land the job you want.

We have gathered the 6 best social sites, which boast of one-of-a-kind features, that will allow you to build your own online resume profile, edit it, have it looked over by experienced professionals, have it printed or shared on other social networking sites, and a whole lot more.

In addition to each of the social platforms below, also make sure you add social sharing buttons and profile links to your site. You can see an example of this in action on the Atlantic IT Solutions website in the top right corner. Once you have profiles with each of the sites below, be sure to set up something similar.

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LinkedIn – The service is a fusion of a resume, cover letter, contacts database and references. As your career develops, your network can without difficulty view the changes. Make sure to fill out your LinkedIn resume completely. Also, join groups of related interest, add applications such your own blog and obtain work endorsements.

Razume – This service allows job searchers to create resumes and buff them up after getting feedback from reviewers within the same community. As a user you will be able to look up jobs and will soon be able to submit applications through the site.

VisualCV – This website offers users a digital resume, access to a database of job openings and networking potentials. Your credentials can be viewed in a format that is easy to read. It also allows you to integrate multimedia, that is, you can also upload or embed a video resume or an interview podcast if you want.

Xing – This site’s most attractive aspect is its networking; it has over 22,000 groups and events advertised. It is very similar to LinkedIn and likewise can function as your online resume and cover letter.

ResumeBucket – The site allows you to post a resume instantly, and then provide you with a unique URL which you can then promote on your personal site and blog, together with ResumeBucket badges that you can embed. Your resume can also be set to private if you wish to. Sample resumes, sample cover letters and a resume writing service is also available should you need them.

Gigtide – This site allows you to make, publish, manage, track, and store limitless resumes cover letters and contacts online. Also available are resume templates to make CV creation easier. You also have the choice to create a social media resume, including videos, images, and direct links and sharing capabilities. Employers are able to contact you directly through your resume.

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