Best E-commerce Development Platform To Choose For Your Web Store

Business owners or online stores require an e-commerce framework to set up their website. Why go for the expensive ones when you can have cheap or open source e-commerce platform? Open source e-commerce platforms have all kinds of features from content optimization, designs, various themes, network securities and many more. You can find lots of blogs and documents to help you understand how to install these open software and create your own website. It is your decision whether you would like to have an open source e-commerce or a more user-friendly one by paying a monthly subscription.

Some of The Best E-commerce Development Platforms

Here are some of the best e-commerce website development platforms:

  • WooCommerce: It is a WordPress Plugin. It has features like inventory management, coupons, and product pages. It is free and can be installed easily. It has options of over more than 30 payment gateways. It has incredible features there for you; therefore, you only have to add content. You can add more features if you want with the help of the extension library. It is one of the most downloaded plugins but you have to install WordPress before using the WooCommerce Plugin.  WordPress and WooCommerce is very flexible in layout from super professional and slick to very simple.
  • X-Cart: E-commerce web development use x-cart extensively. It is free, open source and self-hosted. It depends on the package and you can get full multilingual and multi-currency support. It has a number of reputable payment gateways and most advanced developers use X-Cart. It is secure and PCI compliant and has a number of features like content optimization, themes, and others.
  • Zen Cart: Zen cart is usually used by people who are not trained in web development technical skills. It is more user-friendly than any other open source website platform. It has a secure platform or rather secure software where customer information is protected. This site can be installed easily and used by anyone without technical skills.
  • Magento Development: Magento development is one of the most popular open source e-commerce platforms. Magento community is very strong and from there you can choose themes and have plenty of extensions at your hand. It has features like automated marketing, several payment gateways, and multilingual site. You can even customize the user interface if you want with the help of Magento development.
  • PrestaShop: Beginners and intermediates find PrestaShop pretty easy. It is a user-friendly interface and the store maintenance that anyone can understand. It does not slow down your site speed and has a multi-vendor support.
  • Drupal Commerce: Drupal development is one of the most common E-Commerce platform designers. Different types of website can be made with the help of Drupal development. It has a built-in caching and the overall speed of the website is maintained. It has its own security system. It has a number of features like content optimization, network security and many more and therefore is used by many online websites.

Create and design your own website with the help of these e-commerce development platforms and take your business to new heights.

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