A Shop Management System that Works as Hard as You Do with Tekmetric

Tekmetric has reinvented the shop management system.

If you’re tired of the redundancy of your current shop management system, you’ll definitely want to read about Tekmetric. With their new wireless, streamlined approach, you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips. You’ll be able to access everything you need and complete multiple tasks at once, effortlessly. The integrated digital vehicle inspection feature also provides your customers with a huge benefit. They’ll be able to communicate with you electronically. This eliminates having to get in touch with them on the phone and explaining everything verbally. They’ll have all the information they need and want right on their mobile device.

A shop management system that works for you.

The digital vehicle inspection feature also ensures that your technicians are doing a thorough diagnostic examination. Missed repairs can lead to aggravated customers. You’ll be able to save labor rates, canned jobs, pre-filled verbiage, and prepare customized quotes. Parts inventory, OEM parts information, vehicle specific information, and even vendors are also instantly accessible. There’s no need to run back and forth to research information while trying to manage your shop at the same time. Tekmetric does all the tracking and legwork for you. You can get back to what’s most important, growing your business.

Tekmetric will reduce your overhead costs.

Since Tekmetric’s shop management system integrates scheduling, you’ll be able to handle many more jobs. Just the time savings of adding digital vehicle inspections can increase your profitability considerably. You won’t have to spend valuable money on forms, paper, and clerical overhead. With the streamlined paperless features, you’ll be able to simply focus on getting the jobs completed. With the wireless technology, you’ll also save money on maintaining server hardware. SSL encryption adds an extra layer of security. You won’t have to worry about any confidential information getting into the wrong hands. You’ll be able to manage multiple shops with a single login, so you can even run your business while out of town. User level restrictions can also be set so everyone is staying on task and only seeing the information they need access to.

Tekmetric improves the image of your business.

Today’s consumers have high expectations for businesses. They want a great price, knowledgeable experts, and convenience. If you’re unable to offer that, they’ll find a business that will. Tekmetric will provide your customers with a professional estimate, and even provide vehicle specific information. You can add images, which show the importance of the work that needs to be completed. Communicating electronically adds a level of convenience and credibility. Maintaining your business’s image is critical, and Tekmetric will help you every step of the way.

Try Tekmetric’s auto shop management system for free.

Tekmetric firmly believes that every auto shop will benefit from their system. They’re so confident, that they’ll let you try it free of charge. For all of 2018, you can have unlimited access without any strings attached. No commitments, no contracts, and no obligation, whatsoever. A free in-shop demonstration will show you exactly how Tekmetric will help your business. For more information and to get set up with your free trial and demonstration, visit them online. Head over to https://www.tekmetric.com and get started on the road to better management tools and start enjoying your business more with Tekmetric, today.

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