A Guild to Digital Video Interface (DVI) Cables

DVI is one of the video interface technology forms designed to maximize modern video graphics cards and flat panel LCD monitors quality. It was designed to replace the short-lived plug and display standards and to upgrade from the digital-only DFP formats for aged flat panels. DVI cables are recently common with video card manufacturers, and most cards presently consist of one or two DVIoutput ports.

DVI formats, what are they?

DVI connection has three types, these include DVI-Digital (DVI-D True Digital Video),DVI-Analog (DVI-A High-Res analog), and DVI-Integrated (DVI-I is the best of both worlds). Note that majority of producers love using DVI ports with opened pin holes. But that doesn’t mean it is a DVI-I port. This is only but ameasure to avoid pins from breaking off in future in situations where the wrong cable type is inserted.

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How do I figure out the DVI cable type to use?

Knowing the best DVI cable to use for your product is always very tricky especially when trying to get the right cable for the first time. Both the female DVI plugs should be checked properly so as to determine the signals with which they are compatible.

  • You will need a DVI-A cable where either a single or both of the connections are DVI-Analog.
  • A DVI-D cable will be needed where either a single or both of the connections are clear DVI-Digital.
  • A DVI-I cable is highly recommended if either a single or both of the connections are DVI-Integrated
  • A DVI to VGA cable is needed when a particular connection is VGA while the other one isDIV, and it’s analog compatible.
  • In cases where one connection is digital, and the other is analog, connecting them with a single cable is impossible. An electronic converter box should be usedsuch as the analog VGA to Digital DVI converter.

In case you still have questions on how to know the DVI cable type to use, and when to get a good one, you can make proper enquires on trusted DVI cables dealers.PrimeCables DVI cable is a good example of a trusted DVI cable dealer to reach out to.

How can I recognize a DVI cable?

Two different variables exist in a DVI connector, and they both represent different features. Knowing whether the cable is analog or digital can be determined by the flat pin on one side.

  • A DVI-Integrated or DVI-Analog would have a flat pin with four pins surrounding it.
  • A single flat pin is a DVI-Digital cable
  • Note also that, the pin sets changes in situations where the cable is a single or dual link and analog.
  • A dual link cable is a solid 24 pin set.
  • DVI-analog is a separated 8 pin and 4 pin set.
  • While a single link cable is a two separated 9 pin set.

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