A Brief Overview of AidaForm Online Form Builder

Your website needs a number of online forms to interact with visitors. Sometimes you need forms for job applications for aspiring job-seekers visiting your site. Then, there are customer feedback forms that help to gather consumer’s opinion about your offerings. Now, how to create online forms for your website? Since you aren’t much acquainted with coding, you must be contemplating about hiring a developer. And that’s costly. But no worries, AidaForm Online Form Builder will save you from all such woes. It’s a free of cost online form builder that enables you to create forms without any help from a developer. On top of that, it’s really easy to use for anybody with basic computing knowledge.

Let’s check out the review of AidaForm Online Form Builder.

In-built templates to create forms

The advanced online form builder comes with in-built design themes and templates to choose from. There is no need to code a single line here. Your only task is to select a theme or template appropriate for your business and form type. After you choose the template, the form builder lets you customize colors and modify it with required fields. From email to name to questions- you can put anything here to complete your form.

Shares form instantly

Then, AidaForm online form builder enables you to add your online form instantly to your website. You will even be able to share the form over your social media profile for bigger exposure of the form before the larger audience. It’s to note here the form builder program is able to create the needed HTML coding automatically. It facilitates instant addition of the form to your site. You won’t be required to opt for any server integration to sharing the form on your site or social media.

Offers notification for new responses

When you work with this form builder, you won’t be required to check dashboard manually to check out new responses. Why? Well, it’s because, the form builder itself will send you notification whenever someone submits a form.

Tips to use AidaForm form builder in different ways

We have already discussed how easily you can create online forms with AidaForm. Here we will discuss the other different ways in which you can use the program.

For easy email marketing

AidaForm can integrate with the leading email marketing tool MailChimp automatically. The integration will help you to gather the emails of your leads from the submitted forms. This way, it will be easier to create the list of your email marketing contacts. Now you will only have to start sending your promotional mails.

For strong marketing campaigns

The AidaForm can be easily integrated with MS Excel or Google Sheets to create data sheets from the information got from submitted forms. You will be able to filter responses on the basis of email, name, city and other variables. Once you get the data, you can study the information submitted by the visitors which will eventually help you to shape up a result-driven marketing campaign accordingly.

Improve workflow

You can connect the form builder with various apps via Zapier. It will enable you to export the form responses to these apps as per your needs. This will automate the workflow and help you to be more productive in less time.

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