6 Smart Tips for a Winning Online Marketing Video

Video marketing has become one of the most dominant aspects of online marketing today. Yes, of course, you have your website with amazing text and well-written articles. But, visual information is anyday more attractive than textual data. Thus, when you are looking to reach out to your masses with your internet marketing campaign- do include video marketing. Now, there are tons of business videos today over the web. So, the competition is really cut-throat. But not to worry, the post below offers some great tips that will help you to create a winning video for your internet marketing campaign.

Catchy title

As with any textual content, a catchy title is a must to make your video stand out in the competition. It’s advised to use keywords relevant to your campaign in the title to make it SEO-friendly. If your video is on your new product then highlight that your product will solve a problem. For example- how XYZ (your product) will give you more ROI?

Engaging & SEO-friendly script

Your video should be backed by an engaging script that will glue the visitors to it. Use simple language. Try to put a pinch of humor. Use numbers & stats to establish your point but don’t go overboard. Your video should not look like a mere catalogue of numbers and figures. The script should tell a story as humans are naturally attracted to stories. Most importantly, the script should be powered by SEO-friendly keywords. Google is partial to SEO-friendly contents and loves to rank them higher whenever a relevant search is made online.

Demonstrate your point

Don’t just make claims- try to show a demonstration as well. For example, if you want to say your actually remove all stubborn stains from a t-shirt, show it in your video. Your viewers want visible proof.

Include customer testimonials

One of the best aspects of any killer marketing video is customers endorsing the product. So, if you have taken brief videos of your customers saying positive things about your product- make sure to include them in your video.

Don’t forget CTAs

You have to include some kind of CTA at the end of the video to inspire your viewers to take further action. Your CTA could be a link that will take your viewers to a free trial offer on your website when clicked upon. Do something that will make your viewers remember you.

Invest in a desktop recording program

You must invest in a desktop recording software to record your marketing video on your PC. Your video will definitely have your footage and narration. So, it would be best to capture it on your PC. The recording program will run in the background while you do the narration and record it for your marketing video. If you want recommendations, take to Movavi Screen Recorder. Movavi is a globally reputed brand and its recording program assures a very convenient way to record your desktop videos. It will even help you to edit the recording for professional quality footage.

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