5G Mobile Networks 2018

The wireless technology is growing at a fast rate currently. A few years ago, we were still using the 2G network, then we upgraded to 3G, and in no time the fourth generation of wireless network was incorporated. Now, the fifth generation of the network is knocking at the door. Big mobile networks are currently testing the 5G, and soon the technology will be in use.

New releases by leading mobile device developers are likely to operate on the incoming 5G network in the coming years. That means the future of technology will be boosted by innovative approach of using the new wireless technology.

What Is Happening Now?

With the new developments, companies, countries and device developers are working out on various ideas to find a way to use and bring this technology in real working and their operations. The 5G is expected to improve the industries adopting it all over the world. Most people in the UK access the internet, either on 4g or 3G network technologies. The individuals will also enjoy the advantages of the 5G network.

According to Qualcomm Senior director, Men Timmons, the 5G wireless network technology will play a significant role in transforming the growth and profitability of most companies.

Snapdragon 845 Soc aims to create a new fast speed modem that will implement the 5G network technology. The company made early tests and had been reported to be successful.

5G Speed Acceleration and Impact on Downloads and Uploads

The new wireless technology speeds can only be expected to be high. Currently, the best modem speeds are about 300mbps for the LTE-A network. Presently, the Long Term Evolution Advanced (LTE-A) is marketing on 4G network.

It is expected that the speeds would be boosted on the 5G network. For instance, Samsung targets to achieve 7.5Gbps, Nokia 10Gbps and others have set their targets too. It will increase download speeds by a significant factor. Most of the companies are likely to adopt the technology from 2019. For example, Samsung is expected to release Galaxy S9 with 5G network capability.

The technology, however, may limit some of the old phones if they don’t have capabilities to support the high access and download speeds that will come with 5G networks. Most people will be forced to purchase modern modems that will have such access capability to ensure they are not left behind by this technological advancement.

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According to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the network speeds will be expected to be increased to 20Gbps for downloads, 10Gbps for uploads, 30 Mbps per hertz in spectral efficiency downlink and 15bps per Hertz in spectral efficiency uplink.

5G Impact on Latency Period

The technology will not only increase internet access speeds but also lower the latency periods. Latency is the duration of delay before an item starts to download. The lag is also evident during loading of streaming videos or in gaming scenarios. In simple terms, it involves a slow effectiveness between the user clicking or pressing a command button and the server responding to that action. The 5G technology will reduce the delay time.

The technology will be here as soon as 2019 up to 2020. The said duration will be characterised by the new wireless network technology implementation all over the globe.

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