5 Paid Logo Design Software

Being a professional graphic designer means you have to be working on some proficient and expert graphic designing tools. The fact is undeniable that all the professional designing tools are way too expensive to afford sometimes. But if you want to be one the expert designer you better own those amazing tools.

There are hundreds of great designing tools, but to pick one specific and expert logo design tool that will help you the most in creating the best graphical visualizations, is a tough job.

Adobe Illustrator

The software that top all of the other designing software is none other than Adobe Illustrator. It is the most suitable and appropriate logo designing tool that helps the designer to create the vector designs without facing any difficulty. It offers a vast variety of customizable features that can be used to develop mind-blowing designs and logos.

Adobe Illustrator is pretty much pricey if we compared to other designing tools. It is compatible with both the operating systems, which are Mac OS and Windows.


The second most appropriate and best option that any designer could go for is CorelDraw. After Adobe Illustrator, if any other software is considered being worthy, then that is CorelDraw. It is also one of the most amazing and useful tools that are being used to design vector drawings. It helps the designers to work professionally in developing qualified artwork.

CorelDraw offers a vast collection of specialized tools designed explicitly for vector drawing, picture editing, and logo designing. This logo designing tool is also compatible with Windows and Mac OS. The pricing of this software is a little lesser than Adobe Illustrator.

Apple Motion

Apple Motion is uniquely designed for Mac users. The Apple Inc has announced this designing tool. It is entirely crammed with all the features to create motion graphics. The primary purpose of Apple Motion is to provide the Mac users and designers a proper channel to create 2D and 3D visual effects compositions.

Apple motion also consists of a massive library to create mind-blowing logo designs. It will be a little too pricey but let’s not forget the fact that every magic comes with a price!

Jeta Logo Designer

If you want to go for a simple tool that can assist you in designing the perfect logo, you can always select the Jeta Logo Designer. It is an outstanding and a handy tool for all the professional designers. It has an immense collection of vector icons and shapes and an extensive library of templates for logo designing. It is less expensive than other logo designing tools, so you can easily afford it.

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