3 Key Benefits Of GPS Plumbing Technology

The rapid advancement of technology has provided benefits and challenges for trades people. Plumbing companies, like those in other sectors, are tasked with embracing cutting-edge devices to increase their productivity and effectiveness, while also improving customer satisfaction. GPS plumbing technology provides an opportunity to keep pace with the industry and avoid being left behind. Consider these GPS plumbing tracking benefits and how they can positively impact your company.

1: GPS Tracking Improves Customer Satisfaction

By utilizing current GPS plumbing technologies, your company can take advantage of real time emergency notifications. When a plumbing emergency arises, the affected customer experiences tremendous stress, anxiety, and often expects unrealistic solution times. Imagine that your outfit can accurately convey to the customer your estimated time of arrival. The immediacy of if GPS plumbing software can provide maximum communication efficiency. Being able to alleviate the customer’s fears and follow through on quick response times highlights the quality service that you and your team provide.

2: GPS Plumbing Technology Improves Your Bottom Line

Utilizing GPS tracking provides opportunities for your plumbing professionals to get to each job in less time. Outfits that employ GPS tracking tap into a live map and two-way communication. By avoiding road construction, traffic jams and efficient route planning, your company uses less fuel, arrives earlier and experiences fewer time obstacles. Being able to plan a full day of routes with greater precision means that contracts are closed out faster and more revenue comes through the door. Basically, companies that put GPS plumbing technology to work can make more money.

3: GPS Plumbing Technology Tracks Work and Billable Hours

Using worker timesheets is a practice that went the way of the dinosaur. Hard copy timesheets and even call-ins are not accurate or efficient labor oversight methods. When employees must drive to the office to punch out or communicate from the road, most plumbing companies are paying wages that are not related to billable hours. And the last thing any company needs is to have a dispute with a customer over how much time you put on their invoice.

Fortunately, GPS tracking allows you to create accurate data that helps pay workers their fair, hard-earned wages and demonstrates accuracy to clients. When the GPS tracking shows a work van left a job at 4pm sharp, that’s undisputable evidence for everyone. Getting it right is important for your reputation.

GPS tracking and asset management provides real-time solutions that improve efficiency, customer service and a plumbing company’s bottom line. Keeping pace with emerging technologies requires.

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